Driving 101

Most drivers around you suck. They are themselves driven by forces that make them act in ways that they don’t understand. Like robots, only without the any of robot’s positives.

For instance, you’re driving at 50 in two lanes that are about to funnel down into one lane… and there’s one driver slightly ahead who sees you coming and speeds up so he remains in front. Then, after securing his spot, the fucker slows down to 40!

Or you’re approaching a stop sign and another car is approaching in cross traffic. You get there first, come to a complete stop the way you are legally obligated to, and the other driver slows down a little only to accelerate through his stop sign before you can take your right of way. And on a personal note, with my luck, that fucker turns the way I’m headed, only 10 mph below the speed I wanted to travel!

Or maybe the driver in front of you is feeling altruistic and as you’re approaching a green light, he stops to let another car enter the road in front of him. As the surprised driver finally turns onto the road in front of the kind driver in front of you, the light turns yellow. The now two drivers in front of you make it through the light before it turns red… but you and the seven cars behind you, all of which would have made it through before the good soul in front of you decided to be an idiot, missed it.

If you’ve never noticed this, chances are good that you’re that driver. But it’s no big deal right? Wrong. You negatively effect the efficiency of the world. Not only that, your actions effect everyone around you, even when you behave like an idiotic automaton with zero freewill. Your actions can turn the moods of those you encounter sour… which in the worst case scenario can trigger road rage. In the best case scenario, you make the world suck just a little bit more.carcrash


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